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Name:Ilse Valeant
Ilse was raised by two parents who wanted a psychic child. They never allowed her to hear a human voice, or to make sounds, and only let her use pictures for communication.

Though the child had some ability, the treatment did more harm than good. When Ilse's parents were killed in a war, she was in a foster home for a while, and never spoke. The kids bullied her until an adoptive home was found.

Valeant Family Bakery was run by a family who did nothing but adopt kids. None of them ever wanted to leave, so the home was always crowded and filled with kids, grandkids, parents, aunts, uncles, and every other type of relative. Ilse quickly acclimated to the family, and helped out in the bakery, as all the kids did.

It took a year for her to talk, and after that, the damage from her birth family started to fade, until it was nothing but a few language problems and bad memories.

One day at the bakery, Ilse met Lynn Kaelen, and the two hit it off right away. Ilse was quickly taken into Lynn's home, and the two have been together since. They are now married and expecting their first child.

Character loosely based off of Ilse Neilsen from the Twilight Zone episode "Mute".
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